The Ghost Dragon story is clearly about dragons. The original working title of this story makes me smile every single time, yet it reveals too much to use here. So, I’ve come up with this name – Ghost Dragon — which I think does a good job to represent the overall feel and flow.

A young woman, Astrid, is misunderstood by her elder brother, setting a series of events into motion that threaten their town and more. The dragon in question is rather curmudgeonly.

From the story-dream from which this story was born, it feels like a good old-fashioned fantasy story. Yes, some elements are medieval-like, though there is room to have some fun with the typical tropes. And yes, there is a dragon. And, of course, there is a quest, or possibly several. We’ll see.

I want to say more, but worry I’ll give away too much of the key points of the story, so I’ll stop here for now.


Developing the Story World and Characters

Ghost Dragon at World Anvil

Research and References

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