Nadine and Blunderbuss are at the core of the Cyra Anorra stories. There are several layers of backstory and after-story that I’ve developed. My hypothesis is that these elements will lend greater depth and verisimilitude to the core stories. We’ll see to what extent this experimentation bears fruit.



The Ghost Dragon story is clearly about dragons. The original working title of this story makes me smile every single time, yet it reveals too much to use here. So, I’ve come up with this name – Ghost Dragon — which I think does a good job to represent the overall feel and flow. A young woman, Astrid, is misunderstood by her elder brother, setting a series of events into motion that threaten their town and more.


Of Blood and Bones

A group of children, from a people living inside a system of caverns, spend a lot of time near a large body of water that they’ve been warned to avoid. This large pond or lake leads to the outside world. It also contains very strange things. One of the young girls struggles against traditions to mark her own path. She discovers unexpected secrets forgotten or forsaken by her own people.



The Citadel story has the feel of what a civilization might have been like eons ago. From the vivid story-dream that this story came from, the look and feel is very clear to me. Yet, I’m concerned about the possibility of the perception of cultural appropriation, so I’m letting the story simmer backstage. I feel that I need to give this one time to unfold on its own. Essentially, this story is about a young woman who shows up at the right place at the wrong time. This creates unexpected risks and opportunities for her.